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Lochgreen House Hotel - The wedding guests were bonkers!

Nikoa and Callum Lochgreen House

The wedding guests were bonkers!


Dancing away like it was going out of fashion and a very fine job they did of it too!


Nikola and Calum's choice of venue was Lochgreen House Hotel, a superb venue in a wonderful, picturesque setting with friendly and welcoming venue staff.

The guests made the night extremely pleasurable for us, there's nothing better than people dancing to every single song that we play. For that, we thank each and every one of the guests.

Nikola and Calum weren't afraid of getting some wear and tear on the soles of their shoes either. They danced as much as any of the guests which is great to see. They were also an exceptionally nice couple, and we wish them health and happiness, and a great future together.

We're very proud to have been part of an amazing night with amazing people. Thanks for having us along :)


Lovely comments from some of the guests include:


"You were amazing on Saturday night!"

"Fantastic band! I've not danced as much in years!"

"I wish I'd worn my fitbit I'm sure I must have burned about 4000 calories dancing!"